Eastside Early College High School



  • Students who are entering 9th or 10th grade
  • Students who are first generation college potential (neither custodial parent has received a four-year degree)
  • Students who would benefit from accelerated academic instruction
  • Students who are at-risk of not completing high school or pursuing higher education
  • Students who are under-served in higher education


Early College High School is available to any student that meets the criteria listed below:

  • The student must have a desire to be a part of the ECHS program and be able to explain this in writing.
  • The student’s parent and/or guardian must want their child to be part of the program.
  • Both the parent/guardian and student must agree to abide by the standards of academic and behavioral expectations of the ECHS program.
  • Both the parent and student must agree to comply with all the policies of the program including agreement for issued devices.
  • Both parent and student must agree that the ultimate goal is to graduate from Eastside Memorial ECHS with college credits as planned.

Student Expectations

All students applying to the Eastside Memorial Early College High School program must agree to a contract of expectations. 

Student expectations include:

  • Making education a high priority
  • Coming to school and being punctual
  • Being responsible for their own learning
  • Showing respect for everyone

Parent Expectations

Parents are our students’ most important educators and have the greatest influence on them. Parents will also be asked to agree to a contract of expectation supporting their student.

Parent expectations include:

  • Encouraging your child
  • Making sure your child attends and arrives at school on time
  • Staying informed
  • Monitoring your child’s progress
  • Attending all parent meetings and conferences