Eastside Early College High School


Mission: To create an environment focused on excellence, pride, and unity that student-athletes can employ on and off the field.

Mindset: PA+E=P | Positive Attitude + Effort = Performance

Physical Activity Information: Marathon Kids | Michelle Obama's "Let's Move"

Health and Wellness Service Information: HHS | Harvard Medical School

Our athletic programs provide an equal opportunity for all students to explore their interests, improve their skills and have fun.


    • All athletes are required to have a sports physical exam annually. We provide one free a year.
    • All athletes have to register online and complete the UIL Participation Forms
      • austinisd.rankonesport.com
    • Most uniforms, game equipment, and practice clothes is provided by the sport.
    • We provide several after school buses that will take athletes home after practices.
    • Coaches conduct information/parent meetings before their season.
    • We expect our athletes to exhibit good behavior in school and stress academics.
    • Daily Practice Schedules and Game Schedules are posted for the athletes and are on our school website.

Athletic Coordinator: Luis Becerra III luis.becerra@austinisd.org


Head Coach: Luis Becerra III luis.becerra@austinisd.org

Asst. Head Coach: Brian Johnson brian.johnson@austinisd.org

Off. Coordinator: Jose Cruz jose.cruz@austinisd.org

Asst. Coach: Raymundo Gonzales raymundo.gonzales@austinisd.org

Asst. Coach: Roderick Blair roderick.blair@austinisd.org

Film Director: Jeff Healey jeff.healey@austinisd.org


Head Coach: Harry Brooks harry.brooks@austinisd.org

Asst. Coach: Melissa Burns melissa.n.burns@austinisd.org

Cross Country

Head Coach: Elias Barahona elias.barahonaperalta@austinisd.org

Asst. Coach: Alejandro Arroyo alejandro.arroyo@austinisd.org

Boys Basketball

Head Coach: Roderick Blair roderick.blair@austinisd.org

Asst. Coach: Raymundo Gonzales raymundo.gonzales@austinisd.org

Girls Basketball

Head Coach: Jodi Granado jodi.granado@austinisd.org

Asst. Coach: David Higginbotham david.higginbotham@austinisd.org

Boys Soccer

Head Coach: Elias Barahona elias.barahonaperalta@austinisd.org

Girls Soccer

Head Coach: Christopher Hague christopher.hague@austinisd.org

Asst. Coach: Patricia D'Entrone patricia.dentrone@austinisd.org


Head Coach: Harry Brooksharry.brooks@austinisd.org


Head Coach: Jose Cruzjose.cruz@austinisd.org

Asst. Coach: David Higginbothamdavid.higginbotham@austinisd.org


Head Coach: Brian Johnsonbrian.johnson@austinisd.org

Asst. Coach: Roderick Blairroderick.blair@austinisd.org

Track & Field

Head Coach: Luis Becerra IIIluis.becerra@austinisd.org

Asst. Coach: Jodi Granadojodi.granado@austinisd.org


Head Coach: Elaine Ellardcamille.ellard@austinisd.org

Athletic Training

Head Trainer: DeJuan Lewisdejuan.lewis@austinisd.org

Strength & Conditioning

Director: Raymundo Gonzalesraymundo.gonzales@austinisd.org