Eastside Early College High School


The science department at EMECHS strives to provide both classroom and outdoor learning experiences that promote scientific literacy.  

We offer the following courses:

    • Biology/Pre AP Biology
    • Chemistry/Pre AP Chemistry
    • Physics/Pre AP Physics
    • Environmental Systems/AP Environmental Systems
    • Anatomy & Physiology (in conjunction with CTE)
    • Forensic Science (in conjunction with CTE)

Instructional practices include:

    • BLENDED learning experiences
    • Laboratory and field investigations
    • Problem Based Learning
    • Guided Inquiry
    • Citizen Science- moving student from awareness and knowledge to action

We emphasize systems thinking and sustainability.  We believe students should have opportunities to develop personal connections with other peoples, other species, and to nature.  Learning should extend into the community, be hands-on, and includes digital literacy.